Hey,  I'm not sure if you guys post your testimonials, but I just received my Dry Max Cargo jeans in black oilskin and they are awesome.
Obviously well-made and bombproof, they slipped on over my denim jeans like a glove. All the sizing was done online with Britt Roijer's help and the fit couldn't have been better if I'd tried them on in person.
The service from Blackmax was exceptional and the product I've just received is exceptional. I'll be picking up more kit from Peter and Britt in the future, you can count on that. All the best and embrace the open road with all you've got.


Murray from Alberta, Canada.


Hi Britt,

I received the jacket on Friday, thanks very much.

It fits perfect and looks great , and it feels great on.

Thanks again for your good service and quality product.

If you get some other sizes in womens leather jackets like the one on your web site please let me know.



 Hello, I just received a Blackmax jacket from an ebay purchase. Damn fine jacket and super hide. I've been collecting vintage bike jackets for 28 years and been riding for 35 years. You make good stuff !

Tim McNamara

Standard, Alberta.



Hi Britt,  Marc Gallant here just got the pants. wow ! great fit. Thanks